A Plus launches fresh attack on government


Ghanaian musician turned political activist, Kwame Obeng Asare, also known as A Plus, has launched an attack on the government of president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for its reactions to the death of Black American, George Floyd.

A Plus does not understand why the Akufo-Addo government would preside over injustice and rampant abuse of human rights back home while pretending to care about injustice and human rights abuse abroad, particularly in the matter of the killing the Black American.

Taking to his Facebook page, A Plus alluded to a “confession” by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) that the police were fond of planting Indian hemp on civilians and turn around to arrest them on false charges of possessing the illegal drug.

“You want me to leave these issues and talk about treatment of blacks in America? Lie lie. Anka ma tete. I sympathize with them but I care more about what is happening to my people in my backyard,” A Plus wrote in that post.

He further alleged that some policemen stop “boys” on the road and ask them to remove their electronic gadgets and input their password for them to go through the content of the gadgets, adding that such persons are also blacks, not blues; so if the government is so concerned about how Blacks are treated in the US, they should do something about how Ghanaians are treated in their own country.

“Now that we have a government which is so concern[ed] about police brutality against blacks to the extent that it can hold a ceremony in honor of a victim, I have to use this opportunity to remind them that the boys who are stopped by police everyday and commanded to open their bag, and asked to remove their laptop, and asked to turn it on, and asked to enter the pin so that a police can go through the laptop are not blues!!! They are also blacks. No police office in Ghana has the right to go through anyone’s device without court order. I want to use this opportunity to remind this government that those law students who were brutalized by police for demonstrating are not yellows, they are blacks.”

The founder of The People’s Project (TPP) also wondered why a government that pretends to be against police brutalities in the US would send police to go and brutalise people who were peacefully protesting for the building of the Adenta footbridge.

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