“Akufo-Addo influencing Chief Justice to rule against NDC” – Kevin Taylor


Vociferous host of With All Due Respect, Mr. Kevin Taylor, has alleged that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo Akufo-Addo telephoned the Chief Justice of Ghana, Justice Anin Yeboah, and influenced him on how to rule on the case in which the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has dragged the Electoral Commission to the Supreme Court over a new voter registration exercise.

Giving details of the alleged phone call between the president and the Chief Justice, Kevin Taylor alleged the phone conversation started when the president called the Chief Justice at 9:23pm. Kevin Taylor alleged, in the conversation, President Akufo-Addo actually instructed the Chief Justice to not outrightly rule in favour of the EC, as that would lend credence to the NDC’s claims that he appointed Justice Anin Yeboah as Chief Justice purposely to do the president’s bidding.

According to Loudsilencemedia, which published the online story, Mr Kevin Taylor went on to accuse the president of arresting journalists for getting leaked information from the seat of government. He then said President Akufo-Addo should know that he (Kevin Taylor) “knows more that is happening at the Jubilee House behind the scene than he [the president] thinks.”

“I’m given time because I listen to that call. If they say metal cuts metal, you must understand that if you think you have a defense, another before also has more defense,” Kevin Taylor bragged.

Adding more details, Kevin Taylor claimed, unless Jesus Christ comes down to date “a lady from Anloga,” there is no way the NDC would win the case against the EC. According to him, the case is a clear case for the Supreme Court to decide, alleding that, but because of the president’s interest the apex court gave the “EC four days to come back to the Court to lie to them so they can accept the lies of the EC.”

Ghana’s largest opposition party, the NDC, has dragged the Electoral Commission to the Supreme Court over the latter’s insistence to go ahead with a new voter registration exercise that has widely been discredited by civil society and some opposition parties.

The NDC wants the Court to stop the EC from embarking on the registration exercise, or to compel the EC to accept the current voter ID card as one of the source documents required to get the new voter ID card, as there are fears of mass disenfranchisement of citizens if the EC is allowed to go ahead with its decision to use only the National ID card and passport as the only documents that qualify one to register for the new voter ID card.

At its sitting on Thursday, June 4, 2020, rather than rule that the EC’s decision to exclude the voter ID cards is illegal, the Court chose to give the EC four days to decide on the legal basis on which it wants to reject the current voter ID cards as a source document for the new register compilation.

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