Akufo-Addo is the force behind lawless vagabonds in the security services terrorising Ghanaians – Raymond Ablorh


A communications consultant, Mr. Raymond Ablorh, has alleged that president Akufo-Addo is the force that supports “lawless vagabonds” in the security services to pull guns on police officers and threaten security in the country.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mr. Ablorh observed that the tendency to threaten Ghana’s security and pull guns on persons going about their normal duty started “from the infancy of his [Akufo-Addo’s] administration, and it’s mature well enough to consume us.”

He lamented that under president Akufo-Addo’s leadership, party footsoldiers can pull guns on a police officer in the presence of uniformed security operatives while supposed military men rather attempt to calm the police officer.

“Our security is dorminated by lawless vagabonds taking authority from THE ABOVE.  And, everybody is looking on horrrrrrr like egbor till the ultimate consequence hits home amidst national mourning,” he added.

In his opinion, Ghanaians are joking with the fragile tranquility in the country by keeping quiet because they fear being tagged as opposition members, adding that, by so doing, Ghanaians are accomplices to “what’s going on.”

“Isn’t it better to be named opposition people to save yourselves and your families,” he queried.

Cautioning that the borders are closed and nobody is safe, he exhorted Ghanaians to speak up to help avoid the consequences of the lawlessness and impunity that has engulfed the nation.

Yesterday [July 29, 2020], social media users in Ghana woke up to a viral video of a civilian who pulled a gun on a police officer in the Ashanti Region, with military men in uniform rather attempting to calm down the police officer while the thug who is alleged to be a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) threw his weight about amidst threats to kill the police officer.

Following the development, the Ghana Police Service issued a statement assuring that the incident was under investigation.

But no arrest has been made, though the alleged thug is a known member of the NPP.

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