Businessman raped to death!


A business man has reportedly been raped to death by four of his wives in what can be described as ‘asking for their conjugal due.’

The business man, who is described as ‘wealthy’, was said to have married six wives in the small community of Ugbugbu, Ogbadibo in Nigeria. Unfortunately, it appeared his attention and affection was always towards his youngest wife alone.

This reportedly led the five other wives to seek a means to have their turn in bed with him.

Nigeria’s Daily Post reports that, Mr Uroko Onoja had returned from a bar around 3 a.m. Tuesday, February 11, 2020 and headed straight to the room of his youngest wife to have intercourse with her.

The report says the five other wives who had earlier planned for the ‘occasion’, burst into the room where the couple were making love and demanded that Mr Onoja must have sex with each of them too.
They were said to be armed with knives and sticks.

Mr Onoja tried to resist, but his resistance failed as he was overpowered. He therefore yielded to their demand and started to have sex with them, one by one.

Unfortunately, after the fourth wife had finished with him, the businessman was said to have stopped breathing and could not be resuscitated. His youngest wife said, after the five other wives realised their husband was dead, they fled into the forest.

The report says, following a report to the police by the head of the village, one Okpe Odoh, two of the women were arrested while the other three have yet to be arrested.

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