Catholic Nun breaks vows to marry the love of her life?

Pope Francis
Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church

A Catholic nun is alleged to have abandoned her religious vows of chastity and married the love of her life.

According to a brief story carried by, images of the said nun have gone viral on social media.

In two of the said images, the lady whose name has not been given, is seen cozying up to the love of her life with very bright smiles on the couple’s faces.

The third image however shows the lady standing akimbo in her white nun’s robe or outfit. credits one Chika Odili with the story and the pictures.

The alleged couple at the center of the allegation, and Chika Odili’s post, plus a couple of comments

Though it’s unclear where this happened, can make a safe guess that it took place in one of Nigeria’s states.

See Chika’s post and the pictures below:


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