Declare first Saturday of October general elections day – Prof Stephen Kwaku Asare

Prof. Asare
Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare

Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare is advocating the adoption of the first week in October as the day for general elections in Ghana.

He is also suggesting 5pm Tuesday following the elections as the day for the declaration of results and winners.

The celebrated professor, who is known for his advocacy for democracy, good governance and the opening up of legal education, again advocates that the second Tuesday after the declaration of the results should also be set aside as the deadline for filing all “counting issues and other petitions relative to the general elections.

In a Facebook post sighted by, the CDD Fellow in Democracy and Development, also bemoans the lack of proactiveness in Ghana’s justice system, especially as far as elections issues are concerned.

He recalls a suggestion he proffered in 2002, to take care of a situation where the presidential election declaration is challenged in court, regretting that his fears manifested after the 2012 general elections when the apex court of the land took eight months to resolve the dispute of the result of that election.

“I was concerned that we did not have any deadlines for the judiciary which could cause major problems if we were ever to have a presidential election dispute,” he writes.

“My worst fears materialised in 2013 when a presidential election [dispute] took 8 months to resolve,” Prof. Asare continued, expressing surprise that, that precedent never “jolted us into fixing an election calendar.”

As part of his proposal for the election calendar, Prof. Kwaku Azar, as he calls himself on Facebook, also suggested that the courts must take 6 weeks to decide all election disputes, including appeals, and that the first Saturday in November should be set aside for runoffs, if any.

Following the run runoff should be the declaration of winners at 5pm Tuesday, and December 15 should be the deadline by which all disputes relating to the runoff must be settled for the presidential inauguration to take place on January 7.

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