Dela Goldheart writes: May President Akufo-Addo never feel pain nor see death!


Miss Amelia Amemate, a Ghanaian Teaching Associate and doctoral student at Bowling Green State University in the US, has prayed for President Akufo-Addo over his deployment of military men to the Volta Region to prevent so-called foreigners from registering in the ongoing voter registration exercise. But it turned out that the military men allegedly go into people’s homes in the Volta Region demanding to search their rooms. They also allegedly brutalised some people and physically prevented others from registering.

Popularly known as Dela Goldheart on social media, Miss Amemate prayed that President Akufo-Addo may never feel pain nor see death.

Delaa Goldheart offered this prayer in a Facebook post on her page Sunday, August 2, 2020.

For the feminist and gender activist, her other prayer is that the oresident should remain a “tree of life.”

Apart from praying for the president, Dela Goldheart’s other concern is why “SOME PROMINENT PEOPLE ARE QUIET” in the midst of the injustices going on in her home region and to her ethnic group — the Ewe people — in other regions across Ghana.

For more, read Dela Goldheart’s writeup below:

“I have seen at least three videos in which Ewe people in different parts of Ghana have been denied the right to register and vote. In some of those videos, soldiers went to houses in the Volta Region demanding to search rooms and intimidating people.

My question this morning is, WHY ARE OUR PROMINENT PEOPLE QUIET? What use is their positions if they cannot stand up for their people? Have we gone so far away from the truth that we will turn a blind eye to this grave injustice?

It breaks my heart into a thousand pieces.

I used to regard some of you as legends. I wanted to be like you so much. But I question that a lot these days. For me, leadership is standing up for the people no matter the consequences. Because what use is a few coins I gain from my silence when my people suffer such agony on their own land? Is leadership not about liberating one’s people?

Posterity will judge you. We are all watching. Remember, one day, some of us will not turn a blind eye for anyone to write histories glorifying your names without taking into account these unfortunate moments. We will make sure they see the darknesses you contributed and turned blind eyes to.

As for the president of Ghana, may he be a life tree and continue to do this to the Ewe people. May he never see death or feel pain.”

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