First Scandal of the Year: GhC2 Involved . . .. . . Presidency alleged to be in the know and shielding culprits.

While it is not clear what the Akufo-Addo government would say about the latest corruption survey, there are perceived supporters of the regime who are disputing the survey result on social media, claiming it is not credible.

Barely a week into the new year, the government of President Akufo-Addo has been hit by the first scandal of the year 2020. Two million Ghana cedis is allegedly involved in this scandal and the president is alleged to have “delayed” investigations into the scandal and also shielding the culprits.

In a facebook broadcast, Kevin-Taylor of Loud Silence Media detailed how the sacked CEO of the Northern Development Authority, together with the Regional minister and the Regional Chairman of the ruling NPP colluded to “steal” 400 pieces of tricycles from the Northern Development Authority.

Procured by SADA under the Mahama Administration, the tricycles are said to be worth over Ghc2m.

Narrating the circumstances surrounding the scandal, Mr. Kevin-Talor alleged that the tricycles were hauled away by Mr. Mohammed A.B. Samba, Northern Regional Chairman of the ruling party. Mr. Kevin-Taylor further alleged that the NPP Chairman did this in collaboration with the Northern Regional minister, Alhaji Salifu Saeed, and Dr. Majeed Haruun, the sacked CEO of the Northern Dev’t Authority (NDA).

Northern Region NPP Chairman, Mr. Mohammed A.B. Samba

However, in what looks like an elaborate scheme to cover up the “theft”, the NDA boss, on 28th October, 2019, wrote to the Regional minister to “make a complaint” about the carting away of the said tricycles.

“I writhe to make a formal complaint that about 400 pieces of tricycles that were meant for the Northern Region have been taken away without my permission, or permission of any of my staff,” wrote, Dr. Haruun.

The letter continued: “They made it known to my officers at the point of collection that this was part of the Northern Region’s consignment. I was informed that these containers were moved on Sunday, October 27, 2019 by a youth group in Tamale.”

Dr. Haruun then went on in the same letter to request for security support from the Regional minister in order to secure the tricycles “wherever they are being held” and to ensure the containers in which they were, were not tampered with.

Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Salifu Saeed.
Photo credit: Alhaji Rabiu

While it is not known what the Regional Minister’s response to the letter was, Mr. Kevin-Taylor went on in the footage to reveal that Dr. Haruun later on November 1, 2019, wrote to the Lamashiegu Divisional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, under the caption, “REPORT ON TRICYCLES DISTRIBUTION.”

In the said report, Dr. Haruun is alleged to have apologised for not involving the police from the outset. Kevin Taylor further alleged that Dr. Haruun revealed that the tricycles were secured by SADA, under the previous government.

The said letter to the Commander further categorically alleged that the youth who stormed the NDA premises and loaded away the tricycles in containers, said they were acting under instruction from the Regional minister, Alhaji Saeed. Dr. Haruun, in the said letter, again linked the Northern Regional NPP Chairman to the hauling away of the tricycles.

“Commander, this is to formally report that Savlink company entered the NDA premises and “taken” away 400 pieces of tricycles without our authorisation,” the letter to the police continued. Savlink is a company owned by Mr. Mohammed Samba, the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP.

In a surprising turn of events, however, President Akufo-Addo, on December 12, 2019, relieved Dr. Haruun of his post as CEO of the Northern Development Authority without assigning any reasons for the sack.

Kevin-Taylor however revealed that the president was part of the hatching of the scandal and had earlier instructed the police to hold on with investigations into the scandal until the CEO, Dr. Haruun was fired.

Unsurprisingly, two hours following the sacking of Dr. Haruun, the police announced that it was opening investigations into the scandal. Named among witnesses to appear before the police as part of the investigations are the Northern Region NPP Chairman, the deputy CEO of the Northern Devt Authority, and 3 national security operatives.

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