Ghana has discovered a new river in its capital city of Accra; It is called River Garbage [VIDEO]


If you think you’ve seen it all in terms of wonders, then think again; because there’s yet another wonder that you probably have never seen nor heard of. You heard me right!

Right in Ghana’s capital city of Accra, flows a ‘river’ whose waters are one of the wonders of the world. And I’m not talking about that ‘other wonder’ created in the country’s rivers by illegal miners and their enablers – the milky river water wonder. No, not that one. In fact, had this river had the semblance of our milky river waters, it wouldn’t be a wonder we have not seen before.

Rather, this new discovery is a river of garbage. Yeah! We have River Pra, River Tano, River Ankobra, River Birim, etc. And now River Garbage.

The wonder of this new river is that it flows just like any other river, but you can’t see its water because it is strategically concealed under the different ‘waters’ that flow above it. And I’m talking of waters of different colours, shapes and make. But solid! Yeah, solid water. So, you see the river moving like a conveyor belt whose parts have been cleverly hidden, submerged under the load it is conveying.

It is my understanding that this River Garbage was ‘discovered’ and is indeed located somewhere in Nima, where one of our Very Very Very Important Persons (VVVIP) has his residence. It is however not clear where the river takes its source from.

What appears clear is that, its top waters originate from various citizens, homes, dumps and so on and so forth. As to why, how and when humans, homes and dumps started ‘contributing’ ‘water’ to our water bodies, your guess is as bad as mine.

But, sure, have city authorities, yeah, we have.

We have waste management companies, yeah, we have.

We have a sanitation department in every district, municipality or metropolis, yeah, we have.

We have a whole Ministry of Sanitation, yeah, we have.

We have a Monitoring and Evaluation Ministry, sure, we have.

We have a government, of course, we have.

And we have a president, YEAH WE HAVE.

So why this new river?

Well, maybe, it’s another of the tourist attraction strategies of the government — apart from having a weak currency.

Of course, there are many wonders in this world that are hosted by different countries, but the Garbage River which is located in Ghana, beats them all. So the next time you need to meditate on the wonders of the world, take a trip to Ghana’s Garbage River, you will not be disappointed. Or, will you?

Below is a beautiful video of River Garbage:


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