When many of us think of healthy ways to live longer and healthy, we usually think in terms of good food, food supplements, minerals and vitamins supplements and an efficient health delivery system, and the likes. While all these may be good for a healthy and longer life, we are sometimes too preoccupied with these things that we forget or ignore the very basic things that will lay the good foundation for these sophisticated things to work.
Water is one such basic things that do more for our health and life than we would ever care to know. Any wonder about 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water? Is it any wonder that the human body is made up of about 60% water and blood contains about 90% water?
One major way to make good use of water so that we can get all the good things it offers, is by drinking it clean, at least, 2 litres a day. While drinking water all-year round is good, it is particularly very crucial to increase water intake during the Harmattan season. This is because of the accelerated rate of dehydration during this season. So to rehydrate your body and get all those important health and life benefits, you must endeavour to drink sufficient amounts of water, particularly during this part of the year.
But how exactly does water benefit our health?
There are many ways in which water can benefit our health and help prolong our lives. In this article, your reliable news portal,, brings you 10 benefits that can be derived from drinking healthy and clean water throughout the day.

  1. Water flushes body wastes out of the body.
    Water helps get rid of the waste materials in your body through sweating, urine removal and the elimination of faecal matter. Without water, these processes won’t be possible and the body may soon die from the accumulated waste.
  2. Water helps your body to maintain a healthy blood pressure.
    Drinking sufficient amounts of water daily, helps lighten/thin out your blood, thereby decreasing any risks of high blood pressure.
  3. Helps resolve digestive problems
    The GIT system needs water to function properly. Without it, the resultant dehydration can lead to digestive problems, constipation and too much stomach acid. This increases the risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers and associated diseases.
  4. Transports minerals and nutrients to all parts of the body.
    Water dissolves nutrients and minerals and transports them throughout the body for proper body functioning.
  5. Prevents kidney damage
    When there’s insufficient water in your body, it affects how your kidneys regulate fluid levels in the body, thereby leading to kidney stones and other complicated kidney problems. Drinking enough water prevents these.
  6. Helps in weight loss
    Taking water instead of sweetened drinks and soft drinks, helps to reduce body weight. Drinking enough water also helps create a sense of fullness, thus reducing the amount of food consumed, leading to healthy weight regulation.
  7. Helps the health and beauty of your skin
    Dehydration promotes premature wrinkling and exposes the skin to disorders. Also, cracked feet, common around this season, results from the excessive ‘dryness’ of the atmosphere and the effects of dehydration. Drinking enough water prevents and helps manage these issues.
  8. Helps regulate body temperature
    As your body sweats and the sweat evaporates, it leaves behind a cooling effect on your body. Also, enough water in the body reduces physical strain if heat stress occurs during exercise.
  9. Lubricates joints
    The cartilages found in joints and the disks of the spine consist of about 80% of water. Drinking enough water increases the joints’ shock absorbing ability, thus preventing and reducing joint pain and stiffness.
  10. Helps carry oxygen to different parts of the body
    Since the blood contains more than 90% water, enough water in the body helps the blood to efficiently deliver oxygen throughout the body.
    There you have it! The next time you try skipping your daily water requirements, think of the health benefits you stand to lose in the process and change your mind and fill up with some healthy litres of the life-saving liquid.
    DISCLAIMER:, its owners, editors and or the writer of this article are not claiming any professional qualifications or competence in making these claims contained in this article. These claims are only the writer’s opinions, though they can be scientifically verified. The writer, and or anyone associated with them are therefore not liable to any legal suit, civil action or any claims whatsoever for any damages, complications or problems arising as a result of following the exhortations contained in this article. The reader therefore takes or acts on the content of this article at his or her own risk and liability.

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