IWD: “We can be feminists without being aggressive about it” – Wiyaala schools fan on feminism


Afro pop star, Noella Wiyaala, has taken a fan of hers to school for having issues with Wiyaala’s manner of endorsing a local rice brand, Royal Farmers Rice. According to her, it is very possible for feminists to be feminists without being aggressive about it.

The fan, Marie Shantal Messier, obviously did not take kindly to Wiyaala making a twitter post on International Women’s Day today [March 8, 2020], with herself posing as a cook in the picture that accompanied the post. Thus, Marie posted a comment expressing “full support and understanding” for Wiyaala’s decision to endorse the local rice brand. She however
expressed disappointment at Wiaala “showing a woman cooking to underline International Women’s Day,” calling it “bad marketing.”

Marie ended her comment with the hashtag ‘strongwomen’, insinuating that Wiyaala did not portray herself as a strong woman with her post.

But, responding to Marie, Wiyaala wrote “I seriously don’t agree with you. Women farm a lot in Africa, for that matter Ghana and especially where I come from Ghana (FOR SELF EMPLOYMENT) and we take pride in cooking and eating what we grow ourselves. And this is an advertisement for people of Ghana to buy the local rice that both men and women grow so we can all get some money to empower ourselves. Thank you. #strongwoman.”

But later, Wiyaala made another post on Facebook to “make some things clear for some of her friends.”

She explained that “in Ghana and Africa, a lot of women really enjoy cooking and actually take pride in doing it, especially what they grow themselves as farmers.

She went on that women in Africa and Ghana, especially where she comes from, also farm, stating that it is called self employment. She then added the ‘killer punch’: “We can be feminists without being aggressive about it,” and wrapped it all up with her signature ‘#Roarrrrrrr’ hashtag.

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