Jean Mensa shoots herself in the foot!

Jean Mensa contradicts herself
Jean Mensa is quoted here advocating for greater transparency and accountability by the then Charlotte Osei-led EC; the very opposite of her current posture.

The Chairperson of Ghana’s electoral management body, Mrs Jean Mensa, appears to herself to be making a sound and solid argument for a new voters’ register.

But this is not the case, as she is on record as having conflicted herself now.

Jean Mensa and some commissioners at the electoral management body are trying everything to convince the Ghanaian electorate that, a new register is a must-have for the 2020 general elections.

While trying to sound professional and concerned, Mrs Jean Mensa, however, tries to dismiss all concerns and criticisms against the new voters’ register.

Whereas most Ghanaians believe that the new register is a waste of the nation’s scarce resources, Mrs Mensa has done everything to prove otherwise.

One of such attempts was when she said that the EC is an independent body and that the general public cannot dictate to the Commission to not compile the new register.

This assertion, however, appears to be a major contradiction to what Madam Jean Mensa believed and preached in the past.

Revelations from the “archives” of Jean Mensa’s own “principles and convictions” have shown that the current boss of the EC was one of those who argued for transparency and accountability to the general public when Mrs Charlotte Osei was the Chairperson of the EC and faced a similar problem.

In an effort to convince Charlotte Osei back then, Jean Mensa, who was then the Executive Director of the IEA, stated that though the EC was an independent body, it still owed the public accountability and a listening ear with respect to the EC’s activities and public criticisms.

With Jean Mensa now in the seat, many observers now wonder what has changed so much to affect her belief that, the EC must listen and be accountable to the general public, who are the main financiers of its activities.

In a quote attributed to Jean Mensa, one such observer wonders what has changed.

The quote reads:

“Though Article 46 of the National Constitution protects the EC from direction and control, it is nevertheless accountable to the citizens because it is a public organisation which draws its funds from the Consolidated Fund. It must therefore ensure full transparency and accountability in its work.”

“What changed?” queried, the observer.

From the above, it is clear the EC Chairperson has shot and badly wounded herself in the foot.

But what is unclear is whether this will have any effect on her current stance on the new voters’ register.

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