Lady ‘prescribes’ number of times her prospective husband must sleep with her


A lady has shaken social media for some days now. The reason is very simple or complex depending on how you look at it or who you are.

For Blessing Abu, being frequently intimate with her prospective husband is so important that she had to take to Facebook to alert any men that might be ‘eyeing’ her as that special someone.

Blessings was frank, blunt and unequivocal in her expectation. And it’s this simple: her prospective husband must be able to have sÉ›ks with her, at least, four times a week.

So what happens if her husband is unable to meet her expectation?
Very simple — or complex. Blessing will have to make up for the ‘deficit’ by cheating on her husband.

So, for men who can’t do without ‘the thing’ for a day or two, well… their needs might just be met by Blessing as they also meet her needs.

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