Liwin begs Stephen Opuni


Popular Ghanaian comedian and actor, Kwadwo Nkansa, also known as Liwin, has profusely apologised to the former COCOBOD CEO, Dr. Stephen Opuni and asked for forgiveness over false accusations that Liwin made against Dr Opuni on his TV show “Don’t Think Far News” on Adom TV, a subsidiary of the Multimedia Group Limited.

According to a 3news report sighted by, Liwin, on March 24, 2020, showed many metal boxes filled with 100 dollar bills in a room which the actor claimed belonged to Dr. Stephen Opuni.

The comic actor then stated as a fact that Dr Opuni stole the money contained in the metal boxes, and predicted that Dr Opuni was going to be jailed for the so-called “theft.”

“One individual has packed all this money in his room and is spending it, building big houses while our roads are in deplorable states and we’re experiencing instability in our energy sector. God is our helper,” 3news quoted Liwin as alleging in 2018.

Kwado Nkansah Liwin was said to have further alleged that Dr Opuni had used part of the money to build a “plush tomb” where he buried his mother.

Upon hearing the allegations, the former COCOBOD CEO slapped a defamation suit on Liwin and the Multimedia Group Limited for an amount of ten million Ghana cedis (Ghc10m).

But following the developments on the case in court, both Liwin and the Multimedia Group Limited ate humble pie, retracted the story and pleaded for out-of-court settlement.

As a result, Liwin has profusely apologised for making the allegations which he now describes as “false” and is on his knees for Dr Opuni’s mercy and forgiveness.

On the same media platform, Liwin begged, “Papa forgive us our sins, and forgive all those who were part. We know you are a child of God and will give us the needed hearing, God bless you.”

Do you think Dr Opuni should forgive Liwin and Multimedia?

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