“Lord, lead Jane and the NDC to victory to straighten our governance” — Amissah-Arthur’s mother prays for Naana Opoku Agyemang.


The mother of former vice president Amissah-Arthur has offered a powerful prayer for Professor Naana Jane Oppoku Agyemang and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). This was when the NDC’s vice presidential candidate visited Madam Effie Amissah-Arthur following her outdooring.

In the course of the prayer, Madam Effie called on God to guide and lead Professor Opoku Agyemang to victory as she went about her campaign.

“..You’ve sent Your handmaid, Jane with a message. Without You, she can’t deliver; if you don’t lead her, she can’t go. My God, lead her; if you lead her, she’ll be victorious,” Madam Effie prayed.

She called on God to show the running mate of former president John Mahama the way and speak to her.

Also, the venerable old Lady prayed for Naana and the NDC to win power and straighten whatever the current government has made “crooked”:

“We call on you to save us [Ghana]. We call on you, Lord, have mercy on us. We call on you to come and prepare this our daughter for us, Christ Jesus…. you’ve called your handmaid Jane…that what (the things) that are not going on well, they (the NDC) should come and do it well. What they’ve made crooked, they (the NDC) should come and straighten it. And because you’re leading her, Lord, whatever she’ll do will end in victory. We plead, give us grace, understanding, unity, so that, Lord, this nation would be governed differently to your glory. We know that you’ll do it and do it more abundantly. We thank You. We thank You. We thank You for your great love. Amen!”

See video below:

Mother of former Vice President Amissah-Arthur offers powerful prayer for NDC vice presidential candidate, Professor Naana Lookup Agyemang…

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Madam Effie praying for Professor Naana Opoku Agyemang

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