Man beats wife to pulp after DNA test proves he’s not the biological father of ‘his’ 3 children


As a man, can you imagine how you’ll feel if it turns out that your kids you have raised and bonded with, are not really your biological children?

Well that’s the situation of this Nigerian man who has been living in Canada while his wife and ‘children’ live in Nigeria.

After hustling for a long time and succeeding, he decided to come home to take his wife and ‘kids’ to Canada with him. However, unknown to the man, the children are not his. So when he took them for a DNA test to prove their paternity, he was left shocked.

This is because the test results proved that he was not the biological father. Of the three children, not even one of them is the man’s biological child.

Infuriated, the man subjected his wife to brutal beatings until she lost four of her front teeth and her face became swollen with blood trickling down her once beautiful face.

According to the person who shared pictures of the woman on Facebook, this incident happened at Ekewan Trade Fair area of Benin City, Edo State.

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