Military and police officers arrest EFL leader during vigil in solidarity with slain George Floyd


Some military and police officers yesterday temporarily disrupted a George Floyd vigil at the Black Star Square and arrested the leader of the Economic Fighters League (EFL) in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

Mr. Ernesto Yeboah was reportedly picked up at 7:30pm, barely half an hour into the vigil to protest oppressive treatments against Blacks in the US, which culminated in the death of the African-American. reported that the about a dozen military and police officers who stormed the venue and picked up Mr Yeboah, were dressed in full uniform and wielding weapons.

The arrest, the security officers claimed, was because they didn’t know about the vigil. But this claim was shot down by some leaders of the vigil who insisted they had notified the police through a formal letter.

Following Mr Yeboah’s arrest and undisclosed destination, some members of the group were said to have broken “into groups and marched to the Ministries Police Station and the Osu police station to request for Mr Yeboah’s release.”

However, Theghanareport said, in spite of the arrest of Mr Yeboah, the vigil continued, ‘with scores of people bending a knee and screaming “I can’t breathe”, the last words of George Floyd.’

George Floyd was a 46-year-old Black American who was cruelly murdered in Minneapolis when a group of four white police officers handcuffed and kneeled on him for over 7 minutes, with one having his knees directly on Floyd’s neck while he lay face-down on the ground.

Following the cruel murder, protests broke out in major American cities, eventually spreading to every state of the country.

As the protests grew, they were replicated in many countries across the globe, with over 26 countries joining the protests in solidarity with Mr Floyd.

Back home, the Ghanaian authorities reportedly stopped a Floyd solidarity protest march. But Ghana’s Tourism Ministry would later organise a memorial in honour of the slain American, although that singular act drew a lot of criticism, with many critics calling the government hypocrites over its lackadaisical handling of murders and oppressive treatments that happened under its watch but have not been duly investigated and the culprits dealt with.

Many think the Ghanaian government is blowing hot and cold over the George Floyd matter as it stops public solidarity protests but turned around to organise a memorial in his honour.

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