Minister discloses sources of 6 new coronavirus infections


The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, has come out to clear the air on the sources of the 6 new coronavirus cases confirmed in the region some two days ago.

Before the 6 new cases were recorded, the Upper West Region had only one coronavirus case. But after contacts of that one case were screened, it came out that none of them tested positive for the virus. This was revealed Dr. Bin Salih.

But just a day after the regional minister shared this good news, the Ministry of Information announced the 6 new additional infections in the region, bringing the total number of cases in the region to 7.

This sparked a lot of panic and furore among residents and indigenes of the region who demanded to know the sources of the new infections, thus compelling the regional minister to come out and disclose the sources of the 6 new infections.

According to, the regional minister said, one of the six new cases returned to the Upper West Region from the Western Region. The other 5 cases, the minister explained, were imported from abroad before Ghana’s borders were ordered closed.

Sadly, however, the minister failed to disclose which countries the five cases were imported from.

The Ghanaian authorities, unlike what pertains in other jurisdictions, appear not to be forthcoming with details of information regarding the spread of the virus since it was confirmed in Ghana on March 12, 2020, a situation that doesn’t bode well for controlling the spread of the dreaded disease. Although citizens have often expressed concern over the situation, the authorities appear unwilling to adjust to the situation, fueling speculations that the official figures could be more than what the government have always announced.

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