MP caught doctoring Committee’s report on Electoral Commission’s CI onnew register


The Parliament of Ghana has been forced to freeze the approval of the Subsidiary Legislation Committee’s report on the Electoral Commission’s controversial Constitutional Instrument (CI) after an NPP MP, Yaw Buaben Asamoa, had doctored the report.

As a result, Parliament had to suspend the debate and subsequent approval of the CI and refer it back to the Subsidiary Legislation Committee chaired by Dr Dominic Ayine.

The report was to have been debated and approved on the floor on Friday, June 5, 2020 “ahead of the maturing of the CI on Tuesday.”

Deputy Minority Whip, Ibrahim Ahmed who broke the unfortunate news to the House said, Adentan MP, Yaw Buaben Asamoa had edited and deformed the Chairman, Dr Dominic Ayine’s report.

“The report was well written by the Chairman, per consultation building, the Chairman showed the report to the Ranking Member and the Ranking Member cancelled portions [of the] report.

“As we are speaking, the Chairman is now writing another report. If the Ranking member cancelled portions of the report, then what report are we to debate,” myjoyonline quoted Mr Ibrahim Ahmed as saying.

The report said Dr Ayine subsequently confirmed the accusation.

‘“My Ranking Member decided that he was going to correct my report, which I didn’t have any problems with but he significantly altered the report such that what he presented to me did not resemble what I had given to him to read over,” he said.’

Dr Ayine further said, “Mr Buaben Asamoa removed a whole section which captured the justification for the CI as presented by the Electoral Commission (EC).”

As a result, the Speaker, Professor Mike Ocquaye, deferred the debate and approval of the CI, asking the committee to go back and work on the report over the weekend and “bring it back to the floor for approval on Tuesday.”

“We are not in the position to subjugate the chairman’s position to any other view in this particular circumstance. In the circumstances, the Chairman of the Committee should get his members [to] have a look, as he desires, at the report…”

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