Okudzeto Ablakwa writes: Investigate the allegations; safeguard the image of Ghana’s education


There are widespread allegations of deliberate leakage of one of the papers in the ongoing WASSCE examination in Ghana — i.e., the Integrated Science paper. While the allegations are difficult to swallow, many expected the appropriate bodies to handle the allegations in a manner that wins public confidence.

Sadly, however, this has not been the case as the Ghana Education Service (GES) statement on the allegation seems disappointing to many.

One such disappointed persons is the North Tongu legislator, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

In this writeup, Honourable Ablakwa is essentially calling on the government to commission an independent team to investigate the allegations. He’s also calling on the government to “take more proactive steps to safeguard the image of Ghana’s education and the sanctity of certificates issued.”

Read his writeup below:

Many are genuinely and legitimately concerned about the widespread reports of a leaked Integrated Science paper which is casting dark clouds over the credibility of the 2020 WASSCE.

Surprisingly, the GES statement I just read makes the claim that the subject being reported to have leaked is General Paper when everyone knows the matter in issue relates to Integrated Science which is scheduled to be written on Monday. Even more worrying is the attempt by the GES statement to create an impression that annual reports of examination leakage is a normal development. There can be nothing normal or acceptable about examination papers leaking.

The GES statement does not therefore address the fundamental issue, neither does it engender the much needed confidence or reassurance.

It is imperative that Government commissions an independent investigation into these reports and take more proactive steps to safeguard the image of Ghana’s education and the sanctity of certificates issued.

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