Six (6) ‘old school’ photos that will confuse today’s youth and leave ‘old timers’ feeling nostalgic


Talk of the ‘good old day’! The days when ‘social media’ was the community field or someone’s yard. The streets were not left out. The farms, too, just to mention a few. Those were stress-free days, much simpler but extremely enjoyable lives back then.

But today, social media and technology have conspired to take away some of these old time good things that made a community a real community. While the youth of today may look on with confusion at some of ‘those things,’ old timers will certainly smile and wish they could relive those good days.

And that is exactly our mission with is post. We want to ‘confuse’ today’s youth and fill the oldies with nostalgia. Most importantly, we want you to smile and de-stress.

  1. Did you know a discarded bicycle or motorbike wheel was still very, very useful back then? Well, what do you think is happening in the picture below? Extremely exciting it was!
Kids ‘riding’ bicycle and motorcycle wheels with abandon back in those good old days. Wow!

2. I bet the ‘Dadabees’ of today have no idea how corn was roasted those days. And it tasted wow! See the picture below:

Gone indeed are the days when roasted maize was indeed roasted. The sight of the raw, peeled maize alone back then was Muaah

3. And then, the wild birds wouldn’t allowed to have a peace of mind. Armed with this ‘sophisticated weapon,’ toppling a president wasn’t part of the agenda.

Oh yes, with this sophisticated weapon, the wild birds had no hiding place as kid then would ‘hunt them down.’

4. And when the game killed with the catapults weren’t enough, then traps were set to catch rats and grasscutters. Aww!

You won’t see this trap and its bait if you’re a dadabee. Lol

5. And the ladies? Hush! See this picture of true African beauties then doing their own thing. And they still looked very radiant with beauty.

If this ain’t beauty, then what is? Muaah!

6. Then the ‘Apostle Kwadwo Safos’ were there too, manufacturing all manner of vehicles and equipment. Oh, the good old days!

You want a lift? Look no further. These were made in Ghana ‘vehicles’ that could withstand the harsh climate of the tropics.


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