Soldiers and national security brutalise prospective registrants in Bui – Bui Assemblyman


The Assemblyman for Bui Electoral Area in the Bono Region, Honourable Amos Botsi Akokoti, has revealed that the Ministry of Defense is using soldiers and national security operatives to brutalise and prevent prospective registrants from registering in the ongoing voter registration exercise in his electoral area, Bui.

Making the allegation in a video that he recorded and released, Mr Akokoti said the information from military hierarchy, Defense Minister and the Communications Director of Ministry of Defense on happenings in Bui doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground. He alleged that the information the Defends Ministry put out was false.

Surrounded by a large group of people, Mr Akokoti said he recorded the video as an opportunity to bring out the truth to the whole world because his earlier attempts to react to the “misinformation” by the Defense Ministry was not listened to.

He further explained that the military’s claim that they were at the shore of the Bui dam because a group of people there wanted to attack the people was false. Rather he explained that the military men went to the shore to prevent persons coming into Bui from disembarking from their boats on suspicion that they were going to to register.

Honourable Amos Botsi Akokoti said the commander of the military who is a colonel with a name tag as “ADAMS”, categorically told the people held hostage in the boats for over five hours without even the opportunity to free themselves, that he would only allow those who needed to go to the hospital and funeral to leave the boat, that he would not allow those who intended to register, to disembark, because that was the command he had received.

Continuing his narrative, Honourable Akokoti said when some of the people managed to disembark and went to register, the military men and national security physically prevented them from doing so. He added that persons with names such as his (Botsi), Yahyra, etc were challenged that they’re not Ghanaians, though majority had the Ghana card and the Ghana passport.

He further alleged that on Saturday, persons in national security uniform, dressed like those deployed in the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election, attacked a registration center, something that he alleged was repeated yesterday with the said national security men beating up prospective registrants at the center, and beating a young boy to pulp. Honourable Akokoti alleged the same thing happened on Sunday, with many people injured and sent to the Banda Hospital.

He added that “this morning, they came here again, and they beat the people up. They even wanted to beat my mother… They were entering houses, beating the occupants and telling them, ‘we won’t let you register.'”

Honourable Akokoti therefore said he was sounding a note of caution to “our leaders”, that the civil wars that happened in Rwanda, Sudan, Syria and Somalia, “started like this,” adding that “when people feel their lives are being threatened” and their citizenship as Ghanaians questioned, they are left with no option than to fight for their rights and the rights of their children, so that their children wouldn’t have to fight in the future to defend their citizenship.


Assemblyman for Bui Electoral Area in the Bono Region, Honourable Amos Botsi Akokoti, narrates how military men and…

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