The EC is not serious with its voter register claim – Franklin Cudjoe


IMANI Africa founder and president, Mr Franklin Cudjoe has questioned the claims of the Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC), that the old voters’ register was overbloated. In that regard, Mr Cudjoe said the EC is not serious.

Mr Franklin Cudjoe made the remarks in a post he shared on his Facebook page Monday, August 3, 2020. In his view, which he articulated through a rhetorical question, the fact that nearly 16 million persons have so far registered for the new voter ID card makes the EC’s claim that the old register was overbloated senseless. He asked: “Do you get the sense of a bloated register after nearly  16m have so far registered? Remember the EC claimed the existing register of 14m people was bloated?”

Continuing his submission, Mr Franklin Cudjoe seemed to find it strange that the EC is now threatening to remove from the register, supposed foreigners they (the EC) have “certified with their super sure ID systems.” He described as “farcical” the Supreme Court’s decision to back the EC on the latter’s decision to compile a new voters’ register with a new biometric system.

Ghana’s Election Commission announced in 2019 that it was going to procure a new biometric system for the compilation of a new voters’ register, a decision that was opposed by a cross section of the Ghanaian people. The EC had claimed the 14 million names on the voter roll meant it was overbloated. Despite the strong opposition and evidence adduced to the opposite, they EC insisted on the new system, claiming that the old register was overbloated and the existing registration kits obsolete.

And when the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) took the matter to the Supreme Court to compel the EC to back down on its decision, the Court rather gave the EC the green light.

But with some three days left to finish the new registration, the EC has already recorded almost 16 million new registrants. This has led to many people questioning the claims of the EC prior to the new registration exercise.

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