(VIDEO) Nigerian comedian takes Akufo-Addo government to the cleaners in hilarious style


A Nigerian comedian has taken the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to the cleaners in a manner that will leave viewers feeling tickled, concerned and a bit angry.

On his ‘Pararan Mock News’ show video, the comedia mocks the Akufo-Addo-led NPP government for building a national cathedral while some pupils in school lie on their belly on the floor to learn.  

The comedian starts off by comparing Ghana to Nigeria and concluding that Ghana is worse. He then generalises to include the whole of Africa in the ‘mess.’

“For Ghana, no bi small casalabos. Wey we dey Nigeria here de shout: ‘Our government oo, our government bad oo…they no de want give….to my job oo.’ No know say Ghana own self dey worse. Despite say they give de light, but no give de seat for school. I watched this news and I was traumatised because de thing still de hapon here…then Ghana we be just 30 million, de same thing de hapon…. Students for this modern world, global world, they dey go school, they de sleep. De teacher dey teach, they dey sleep dey write. No desk, no seat… God! I watch this thing na say ah, that means eh, na this thing wey de hapon eh, no bi only Nigeria, na de full Africa,” he said in the video.

While he speaks in the video, a screen is projected showing president Akufo-Addo snoring heavily and sometimes ‘warning’ the comedian for speaking about his government. But, unmoved, the comedian ‘pleads’ that he’s neither NPP nor NDC. He then goes on to ‘present the news’ and wraps up with more commentary, mocking the government for choosing a National Cathedral over furniture for schools. And his choice of story is apt.

For this particular ‘bulletin’, the comedian chose a story Joy News had done on school children in Nalerigu who lie on the floor to learn.

Please, watch the video below:


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