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The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), has said it stands by Bishop Charles Agyinasare in the wake of social media attacks.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare has come under a lot of social media attacks following his decision to preach against certain societal ills in society and governance in the country.

He’s on record to have criticised government’s handling of the banking crisis in the country.

The prolific preacher has also criticised the decision to brand some Ghanaians as Togolese and prevent them from taking part in the voter registration exercise.

Also, he’s said Ghana needs people who will be able to tell the king he’s naked.

These and other things the Bishop said seem to have angered some supporters of the ruling government, who have been insulting the Man of God on social media, leading to the decision of the GPCC leadership to issue a statement in solidarity with him.

The statement signed by the President of the GPCC, Rev Prof Paul Frimpong-Manso, said that the GPCC said that the purpose of the statement was to “declare our strong support for the Presiding Bishop, who is a long-standing member of the Council and who rose to occupy the very high position of First Vice President of the Council.”

The statement described as unfortunate the “insults, threats of harm, casting of innuendos, political branding etc.,” on the person of Bishop Agyinasare, while expressing concern over the attacks, which it says Council had taken note of.

The statement drew attention to the fact that for the past one month, Bishop Agyinasare has been teaching on the theme: Building A Future After COVID-19.

“The purpose is to help build a foundation for youth development as the next generation to take over this nation. In doing this, the Presiding Bishop has been highlighting issues on the political landscape, the attitude of civil servants and the clergy front, which should not have been so and which could be done differently”.

“He has also sought to draw examples from his personal life, including his marriage, his financial dealings to encourage the youth that in the midst of present-day promiscuity, it is possible to live a life of chastity and integrity” the statement said.

It further said, “We urge the press and the general public not to twist, distort, misrepresent, misreport or take out of context statements made by the Presiding Bishop and give them sensational headlines with the objective of giving the Presiding Bishop a ‘political bad name’ in order to hang him.”

The Council also called on the two main political parties in Ghana “to call their executives and members to order”.

“As the nation enters the political campaign season, we wish to admonish the entire citizenry to do all we can to keep the political temperature at its lowest minimum and conduct all political activities with civility and decorum,” the Council urged.

It added, “Let’s make the campaign one of ideas, programmes for national development and peace and not one of insults, casting of aspersions, character assassination, violence and any actions that will threaten the peace and stability of our dear motherland”.

The Council also wished Ghanaians “peaceful campaigns and a free, fair and transparent elections, which will produce a God-given leader and government for this nation”.

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