You must speak up against flagrant assault on the Constitution – Prof Asare


Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare has called on influential bodies and the media to speak up against the “flagrant assault on the Constitution” of Ghana.

Posting on his Facebook page where he’s known as Kwaku Azar, Professor Asare said relentless pressure must be sustained in order to ensure that the constitutional crisis in the country is addressed.

He referred particularly to the removal of the Auditor General from office, calling it the “constructive removal of the Auditor-General.” He therefore said the “GBA, PAC, NUGS, TUC, PSC, APB, ICA, UTAG, Political Parties, Nananom, Imams, etc. must voice their opinion” on the matter.

In what looks like an apparent reference to the Supreme Court judges who have embarked on a two-month vacation, Professor Asare said “Judges deserve their vacation, but Justice cannot take a vacation.”

Perhaps, fearing the vacation may affect the case of the Auditor General which is before the Supreme Court, he enjoined the media to “maintain continuous and persistent focus on the issue” and help resolve it with their vigilance.

“Media must maintain continuous and persistent focus on this issue. It should not be one of these issues that they get tired of. It should be an issue that its vigilance should help to resolve, he wrote.

Ghana’s Auditor General was recently forced by President Akufo-Addo to proceed on an accumulated leave that would last for about 6 months. This action of the president was described by many as an affront to the Constitution that guarantees the independence of the Auditor General. Amongst the fierce critics of the president’s action is Professor Asare who has dragged the Attorney General to the Supreme Court over the matter. But before the Supreme Court could bring finality to the suit, the judges of the Apex Court last week began a two-month vacation. This has led to legitimate fears that, like many such issues in the past, this matter may also be left to die a “natural death.”

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